Tuesday, May 30, 2006


Today someone came into my work wearing a Scary Go Round t-shirt! I was so excited. It's nice to recognise a shared interest in someone, like feeling affinity with people reading Terry Pratchett on the train. Even more so with SGR, because a webcomic is a little more obscure. And I always wanted to buy something from there. Anyway, that just made my day.
Apart from that, winter is making me a little morbid, bitter and cynical. Which is not a nice thing. Remind me of nice things in the world? Other than webcomics. And the killer sunset that I saw at the bus stop this afternoon.
I am also looking forward to going back to uni next semester. :)

Thursday, May 25, 2006

clouds of words

My 'word cloud'. They seem to be all the rage lately. For your own, go to: http://www.snapshirts.com/index.php. I think mine is pretty cool. I also like the way that my name turned up in everybody's. I'm so cool!

Also I won an argument at work the other day. Pretty cool no? First I have to say that there are quite alot of Indian guys who work with me. Secondly that we were listening to one of their ipods, and I was flicking through the songs and I recognised 'Chunari Chunari', so I put it on. And to show off my knowledge remarked that it came from the movie Monsoon Wedding. Instantly I had three Indian guys all arguing that this was a lie. Which was confusing, but I knew it was from that movie (I have seen it many times). One of them kept saying that all Indian movie songs might sound kind of the same, but this song was definitely not in Monsoon Wedding. BUT I WON! Cos in the end one of the guys conceeded that it was in the movie, in the scene where they are rehearsing the dance for the wedding. And I was happy. And they all offered to lend me Bollywood films. So I was happy.

In other news, I slept in today. Not news, you might say. You sleep in a lot, you might add. True, very true. But today was somewhat epic. Imagine my surprise at waking up, rolling over and seeing that it was 3:30 in the afternoon! I don't know that I've ever slept that late. I started work at 5pm, so it didn't give me that much time to get ready. It would be very embarrasing to turn up late for a 5pm start saying "sorry, I slept in".

Wednesday, May 24, 2006


Summer creeps up in flat midnights.

All around buildings lie heaped in tatters
Across the street a silent singer,
Moonshine and tree rattle.

The lonely groaning of ibises in rain

Bus driver on phone
Cackles privately

Sweat drips down the backs of knees
To tickle our ankles

I know it now, that some men kill to save and to destroy

Fine filigree twigs against the liquid sky,
Brittle being in the immutable immortal.

Beauty is truth, truth beauty.
Imagination is sublime.

So I don’t need you.
Just stay here
A minute more
I’m better off alone
But stay
A little longer-
In a minute I’ll be fine.

The forgetful splendour of lazy afternoons

Lovers lie rumpled on the grass
Courting pigeons
Red flowers in bloom
A tree’s bare branches against the bright blue sky

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

email and t.v.

I've been feeling kinda sick lately, all flu-y and the like, so have been unable to think of anything to post...
Anyone with hotmail and the 'Windows LiveMail' beta? It's currently getting on my nerves a bit, because they promised that there would be mesage viewing windows on the side of the screen, and either there aren't or mine's not working, and, worst of all, there is no button for to jump from message to message, I have to go back to my inbox every time to open the next email. Drives me crazy! Also I think they could have made it easier to give feedback, I mean, it's a beta, that means feedback is good, right? But I did manage to do that today, so that's o.k. Oh well, it has good features, if they iron out the problems I'm sure it will be good.

I've been watching a alot of 'Buffy' lately. Mostly season 2. That was a good season, unmarred by Faith (not so bad, but I didn't like her much), Riley (more irritating, I kept thinking she should still be with Angel) or Dawn (so annoying! I couldn't stand her! until some time around season 7 when she was ok.). It struck me how much the characters from 'Buffy' and 'The O.C.' have in common. I mean, obviously 'Buffy' is best, but Seth has a certain similarity to Xander, and Summer to Cordelia. Not to mention that as Xander and Cordelia went out, so do Seth and Summer. Although admittedly Xander and Cordelia's relationship was alot more twisted than Seth and Summer's. You could go on and see a parrallel between Angel and Ryan (brooding, going out with main character, dark pasts) and Buffy and Marissa (kinda screwed up, but looking after people much of the time). Again, the Buffy-Marissa link is not strong. But Dawn and Caitlyn are both younger sisters who turn up in later seasons with serious family issues. Anyone else seeing some similarities? But O.C. has rather less supernatural themes...
What else have I to say but post other people, post! I need new posts to validate my blog-checking. Nyeh.

Sunday, May 14, 2006

here property is transitory

Well is it to him who seeks grace, consolation from the Father in the heavens.

A couple of lines from 'The Wanderer', roughly translated. It came to mind this morning at the church service in memory of the old church building. I say old, it was current so recently... One of the good things has been that we were doing a series on Genesis, and the life of Joseph (of technicolor dreamcoat fame), and how God has a plan even through things that seemto be working for the worst. Which seems appropriate. Also the Great Hall (which is where we were today) has a painting of Joseph's reconciliation with his brothers in it. Anyway it all fits together quite nicely. It was a good service, there were tears and rejoicing. There was organ music, and we had 'How Deep the Father's Love', which is a hymn I love. People remembered the church. My mother was there, she went to Barneys when she was uni. Apparently I was (probably) baptised there. I didn't know that, but there you go... It wasn't just a building that was lost, also the church records, personal effects of the assistant minister, the new chairs (but not the pews we laboured so long to get rid of, ironically enough. They are safe in storage.), old sermon tapes, and most of all the records.
There was good news though; the church was insured, we have somewhere to meet for the next few months, most of the plaques from around the walls were saved. This makes me happy, it was one of the things that bothered me. I find those plaques fascinating, there was one in the church at Scone commemorating a 'pioneer', sounded intriguing. Anyway, I copied one down once, cos I was sitting near it in church, so after the service I wrote it into my notebook. It goes like this:
"In memory of Samuel Worthington Mansfield, died 19th March 1881 aged 74 years
Also Julia wife of the above, died 14th February 1882 aged 49 years
'I waited patiently for the Lord and he heard my cry'"
Pretty standard right, except they died just a year apart, and that's quite an age difference. But then, it was a long time ago. But I'm happy that they have been salvaged, and can be incorporated into the new church building. 'Cos we are going to rebuild! In the meantime we are a transient church... But apparently there's been alot of support, thanks for your prayers guys, so that's positive. And as we were reminded today, there are other churches with a similar problem to ours which have less support and resources, so we're pretty lucky there. Above all, a time to remember God's great unchanging love (what time isn't?). I feel that it was a really encouraging service, reminding us of what is important, and to remain outward looking. God is good.

Other than that, it's not been a bad week. I've been a bit tired. Hmmm... maybe going clubbing the night before you have to get up to go to a church service isn't a good idea? I've been working, watching Buffy episodes and making cake alot. Also eating thai. I got to see my mum on mothers day, so that was really nice. Also my dad, and Merry, but that doesn't relate much to the whole 'mothers day' issue. Saw Hellena last night, also good. And isn't it cold? Also reminiscent of Old English poetry... full of ice and sea and snow... I think I need to go have a warming drink of coffee.

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

in memoriam

Last night my church, St Barnabas, was burnt down. I couldn't believe it when I first heard it, that just doesn't happen, right? Buildings don't disappear overnight.
Anyway, the first things I thought were: where will we go?
How is the minister dealing with this right now?
We just had the pews replaced with comfy chairs, it was minorly epic because of the possibility that the pews were heritage listed.
The building is heritage listed.
I was there just last night.
Those old plaques on the wall, the ones that commemorate the lives of past members of the church, the stained glass windows, all these testaments to lives lived for God, are gone.
It kind of feels as if someone has died.

I watched the early morning news shows, to see if they could shed any light on this. It's always frustrating watching the news for information about a particular thing. You have to sit through 'how to save money in the new budget' and reports on how the miners are alive, well, and above ground. Not that these are bad things, it is good to know about the miners and the budget. It's all the extra stuff that bugs me. The morning shows are worse than most. On channel 7 one of the major news stories was 'Dancing with the Stars', both shows were always advertising a musical act that was coming on later, there were reams of banter and alot of discussion of Tom Cruise. But there was a short segment on the fire, they showed footage of the church completely engulfed by flame.
It's kind of a shock, and it's very sad. But although the building was destroyed, the church itself is not dead. And God is still in control. I'm sure there'll be alot of work, organisation and rebuilding needed though. So could you be praying for this? If you are someone who prays, I think Barneys needs your prayers right now...